Mangazo Mexico
Organic and fresh products are good for your health. MANGAZO is fresh and organic mangos and other tropical produce.

MANGAZO is dedicated to providing fresh organic mangos for retail marketing specialists who wish to offer quality tropical produce to an increasingly aware, health conscious society. Our mangos are hand selected and harvested with special care and methods that ensure the best possible produce display, and for quality, flavor and nutrition.


Canada does not require hot water treatment that is necessary for importation into the USA. This ensures that mangos that we ship directly to you arrive more natural, fresher, unspoiled, and will have much longer shelf life. In addition, our agronomists test the mangos on the vine for the optimum brix reading to harvest at exactly the right time to ensure proper maturation and ripening.


Shipments will be by sea container directly from the port of Manzanillo to Vancouver BC. There will be no mingling with other produce at the USA/Mexican border. The container will be sealed at the packing plant and opened by you at your distribution center.


Enjoy your carefully harvested and selected organic mangos from Mangazo!

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